I was not attracted to my last boyfriend physically at first, but over time we became best friends and I fell in love deeply with his soul. His inner beauty brings out his outer beauty and he is one of the greatest people I will ever know. He taught me that who you are as a person on the inside is so essential to love.
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1 Response Aug 20, 2014

How'd you two meet and get to be a couple?

We met in school!

How'd you two get know each other? How'd the "Let's be a couple" happen? I'm curious for future reference, haha.

Well we were really close friends for a long time, and I was aware that he kind of always had a little crush on me, so we started texting a lot and he would come over and help me with my calculus homework because he is super intelligent, and we basically hit it off from that! Haha I never expected that the boy I invited over to help me with math would be my first love.