Inner beauty is what defines a person, not the exterior
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so u should be ugly girls..only ugly girls say that

Yes I'm as ugly as the way you think :)

sorry sis..i love u....when i love someone i do this

Awww :3

very romantic,right?

*clears throat* Yes bro :)

so iam arabian tall,dark handsome and intelligent man..own atelevision and iphone 3 ..marry me?

I phone 3? *gets disappointed. I'd rather marry a guy who has Nokia!!! Brother :)

i promise u i would update it to the most modern iphone..i phone 4

Nokia!! :/ But you still will remain my brother!

do u know chloe bennet?

Yes!! She was having tea with me yesterday at this hour!! Of course I Know her :P

she was my ex-gf..

I bet Snookie would be your present :P

snookie what the of course dont love her

Oh yes you do! you just too shy to tell it out loud :P

i think angelina has an atempt to suicide cuz of me..sis

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If someone is ugly, then they're ugly. It can be changed with plastic surgery. Inner beauty or what doesn't make you attracted to someone.

Inner beauty never changes.

Agree, and I love your choice of a username

The username was because I was p1ssed that my original account was suspended

Oh... didn't know that, but in general it applies to a l ot of people in my area.