Crying as a man does not make you weak. To me it shows strength. Sensibility. Courage.
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and sensitivity and compassion.

depends why he's cryin!

Its not always exactly that men does not cry. They cry too but nobody can see most of the cases

which is just as well because they are rubbish at it. Need more practice praps

hahaaa.... okay.. whom you asking for practice man? the one who is crying or the one who cannt see? :P

Good question, it's the innocent bystanders I feel most sorry for

All a mans life he is told "to be a man". Nobody actually knows what that means, but still it's very pervasive.
There are some vague guidelines, being tough is one of them, in the UK it's the "stiff upper lip" syndrome.
And no crying at all ever, except maybe at the funeral of ones parent, but only at the moments of the coffin being lowered, then one is expected to pull oneself together again "for the sake of everyone else"

everywhere in the world this rules goes to men.. whoever said whatever in its opposite.. actually our mind is tanned in a way that "a man have to be strong and crying is a sign of weakness" though he cries, he tries to hide. He needs to be strong.. haha... Also, to ladies, you may say no, its actually showing the strength who can cry but still I bet you sometime you are the person who is going to shoot a joke to him by saying my crying baby, its actually a normal, friendly word maybe you are shooting but because of that tanned mind by society and nature from centuries, he is going to get uncomfortable :)

social conditioning runs deep

yeah.. too deep

we can change it!
One drip at a time

lol.. man at first you have to accept it yourself if you want to change it.. but if I ask you if you can cry whenever its like crying..can you? for me I cannt :(


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I agree with you. It definitely shows strength as they are strong enough to show their emotions. It's not an easy thing to do because in return it could mean opening up to someone and idk about some people but that's hard for me to do.

I totally agree with you💯👌

haha.... okay ..but you have to able to cry at least.. what if you cannt cry even?

no its weak

I don't really think so.

but your a female so, you can't understand.

How does it make you weak

losing control of your emotions is

No it shows that you are not afraid of your emotions

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I cry :) (not right now, but i do cry) (TBH)

And there is nothing wrong with that.

I agree :)