Some People

I notice that some people become more attractive over time after you get to know them and have a great personality. Some people can be so different and awesome in their own way and its just very attractive and interesting to get to know just about anyone.

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I'd agree with this. When you're young looks are everything but as you get older you start to find people attractive based on how appealing they are to be around.

I have been in situations where men that I thought were SO physically gorgeous prior to my meeting and getting to know them actually turned physically ugly to me once I got to know them. <br />
On the other hand, I have met some people that I considered not all that physically attractive that became gorgeous physically once I got to know them. It is very strange how that happens, but it DOES happen. <br />
<br />
Inner beauty is REAL beauty.

I agree totally. I have experianced people who are absolutley pefect physically and I am thinking "o God." But then they open their mouth and it is all over. You are right looks isn't everything but for me it was for a long time. But in a male female relationship there has to be attraction and if you are not attracted to someone then nothing really matters except you have made a nice friend. ~

There was a quote I once read but I can't remember who said it...but it goes: "I never met a person I didn't like"... well something like that.... anyway.... lol...this is so true for me. People just fascinate me. Everyone has something interesting to share and teach you if you take the time to listen with an open mind.

You are very right, people can be very interesting to get to know, and their looks change with time of getting to know them alot of times.<br />
There is a book I just recently began reading, and it is awesome, it speaks on this change. It is called "The Shack".