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Dumbing Down

One of the most disturbing aspects of American culture is the disdain it has for those those who pursue knowledge passionately, as a goal in itself. If it weren't for such individuals, we wouldn't be capable of even discussing it. Language itself was born of the necessity to communicate more effectively.
Intelligence is our gift of humanity. Celebrating ignorance seems rather self-destructive, doesn't it?
angsty angsty 61-65, F 5 Responses Nov 26, 2010

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All well and good. However, watching reality shows on TV, is so much easier.

Ok. I watched that vid you linked me to. In fact, I saw that episode of The Newsroom when it first aired. Know what? It yanked my soul as much then as it did seeing it again.

Mine too. But when they watch it nothing changes.

Moving and disturbing.

I agree with you.But sadly there are "trends" as to what is "cool" and "not so cool",at the moment it is the worship of vacuous "celebrities like the K...... and they do not strike me as having two neurones to rub together!

I simply do not understand the fascination our culture has with media celebrities and athletes. Well, no. I DO understand. I just am just astounded it's so pervasive.

Excellent quotes, Paschar.

Ha ha! That's why it took me so long to hang a story on it! Thanks for chiming in.