Recently, I've found myself growing more and more shallow.  Not concerning physical appearances, however.  No, my standards have been increasing full throttle in terms of intelligence.  I find it much more attractive in females than anything else.  I don't see myself dating a girl ever in my life.  But if it was possible for me to get a date, I don't think I would go with anyone who isn't at least as smart as I am.  That's actually a bad thing.  With looks, there's some room for alteration, so it's a little more fair to be strict about those than it is about intelligence; a faculty in which you're pretty much stuck with what you got.

Really sad actually.  We all know who Megan Fox is: Quite possibly one of the most beautiful women on the planet... I'm not attracted to her.  Maybe because she's teetering on mentally retarded.  She poses nude for magazines, and it's probably because she doesn't know better! (Lol).

Is there anyone else like this?  Is this a bad trait or a good trait to have?  Or neither?
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I am EXACTLY the same way. Nothing is more of a turn on to me than high intelligence and I just can't feel strong feelings towards someone who isn't at least as intelligent as me. However, I don't think this is a bad thing. I like having a decently high standard. I don't want to be with just anybody and having standards are the surest way to find someone you'll like ^^

Personally, I think this is a good trait for you to have. You have no idea how refreshing it is to hear someone say they are not attracted to Megan Fox. :] And I don't think it's shallow at all for you to value intelligence so highly. Shallowness has more to do with valuing only looks & sex appeal and things like that. Who wants to date a stupid person, after all?