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A Willingness To Learn

A willingness to learn is my favourite definition of what constitutes intelligence.

Such a willingness shows an openness to discovery and to new experiences. It shows a spirit of adventure.

It also indicates a most important disposition to humility.  Someone who thinks they know everything is a crashing bore.

Intelligent people are fun to be with.  They are inquisitive and delighted in what they find.  They are "can do" people who enjoy the challenge of seeking solutions to difficult problems.

Intelligent people stimulate me and encourage me and I love just hanging out with them.
perseverer perseverer 51-55, F 6 Responses Dec 31, 2011

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Thank you for reading and commenting, my friend.

it would be boring to stop learning.....then what would you do?

Thank you for stopping by and expressing your appreciation!

A pleasure to read this morning............:)

Thank you for reading this, and for the excellent quote. I am very pleased to see that you are persevering, my friend!

When you stop learning, stop listening, stop looking and asking questions, always new questions, then it is time to die.<br />
<br />
Lillian Smith<br />
Author Profession: Novelist<br />
Nationality: American<br />
Born: 1867<br />
Died: 1966<br />
<br />
I agree with you my friend, who is teaching me perseverance, Thanks :-D