Our Galaxy Being Our Sun Was Born 13 Billion Years Ago So We Are Told So How Many Days Is That and hours min and seconds and the expansion of the universe

well in reply to that as i have done the story on the number of days the earth was born so it is three times that, less 500 million years,ago so remember if 4 billion 500 million years is 1 trillion 642 billion 500 million days then all we do is three times 642 billion is 1 trillion 926 billion ,and three times 1 trillion is 3 trillion add the 1 trillion and you get 4 trillion 926 billion days from the birth of our galaxy and our sun 13 billion years ago,you will need a bigger box of pills i think to read this story,but it is fun doing this for me,for to get the hours ,just do 24 times 926 billion first,  which is 22 trillion 224 billion , now do 24 times 4 trillion ,which is 96 trillion,now add the 22 trillion to this ,giving us ,118 trillion,so now we have the hours,which is ,118 trillion 224 billion hours ,from the birth of our Galaxy, to find the Min,just do 60 times 224 billion first, which is 13 trillion 440 billion, next we do 60 times 118 trillion which is 7 quadrillion and 80 trillion now we add 13 trillion to that, so this gives us ,93 trillion , so the total number of Min,from the birth of our galaxy, is 7 quadrillion 93 trillion 440 billion, to find the seconds we just do 60 times 440 billion first which is 26 trillion 400 billion ,next we do 60 times 93 trillion ,which is 5 quadrillion 580 trillion ,so add the 26 trillion to this ,which is 606 trillion, next we do 60 times 7 quadrillion ,which is 420 quadrillion ,add the 5 quadrillion to this ,which is 425 quadrillion , so that gives us a total of 425 quadrillion 580 trillion seconds from the birth of our galaxy 13 billion years ago,so as we now know the seconds,then we now have the evidence needed ,to look at the big bang claim,we know the speed of light is 186,000 miles per second,so all we do is look at the seconds, from the birth of the galaxy,which is 425 quadrillion 580 trillion ,so for there to be a big bang as claimed,then the expansion,of the galaxy would be 186,000 miles per second ,that then would give us the time taken ,for this claimed big bang,so what we do is  ,do 186,000 times 425 quadrillion   580 trillion that would then give the time taken for the galaxy to expand ,and the distance travelled, as the speed of light is 186,000 miles per second, just to give you an idea of this scale it would be 10 million 780,000 thousand times 580 trillion miles, and next,  if we look at 186,000 times  425 quadrillion which is 79 million 50 thousand times 425 quadrillion, so the total is 89 million 830 thousand times 425 quadrillion 580 trillion miles ,we do not have a number for this,any body like to think of one.so if it took 89 million 839 thousand times 425 quadrillion 580 trillion miles then the time taken shows the time that was made for the expansion of the galaxy took a total of 31 million 536 thousand seconds in a year,then the expansion took two years 8 months and two weeks.
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to spartguyut in reply first point, as we know there is 365 days in one year.there is 8,760 hours in one year,there is 525,600 min in one year, there is 31 million 536 thousand seconds in one year,a billion is a thousand million,now to the point about the expansion of the universe,.for there to be a big bang,there would have to have been a dying star that become so big it then exploded to form our universe,so there would have to be a black hole about 10 million light years across 7 billion 500 million light years from us, a light year being 186,000 miles per second to give us the distance and miles from us,we now have the time and the distance ,to look at the claim for this big bang,and the time and the distance needed to look at the claim for the expansion of the universe,by that statement there must be more than one universe, more like an atom,but what of spinning in our universe,we need to look to the centre of our universe and the black hole is power and gravity as it spins ,means we must have a centre for our universe to spin from,and for us to spin there must be an outer for us to spin in , so by that statement there must be more than one universe ,so we must all be in dark matter within matter being the planets and the moons and the stars,so there is the evidence, for what is my own story on what i think is our universe ,going by all the facts.

I tend to parse your question and then question your assumptions when I have a disagreement, even to the point of avoiding checking my calculations. Here goes;<br />
13 billion years = 4,631,250,000,000,000 days<br />
13 billion years = 111,150,000,000,000,000 hours<br />
13 billion years = 6,669,000,000,000,000,000 Min.<br />
13 billion years = 400,140,000,000,000,000,000 sec,<br />
To me your calculation from our solar system to the mid point of the big bang would differ for any speck in the universe since almost all bodies are traveling away from each other and NOT at the speed of light! There is nothing to convince me that they all, if any, left the central point at the speed of light! I find that assumption is the where your theory needs reinforcement.

yes, there has been many changes, from both the sun and the earth due to the birth of the moon,the pull of the moon on the earth,as we spin round our sun ,going at 1,100mph that is earth speed we know this due to the time the earth takes ,to travel 26,400 miles being 24 hours so just do 24 times 1100 mph gives a distance of 26,400 miles, so if it does that ,then it would take 38 years to travel the 370 million miles to go right round the sun,but the early sky would have been yellow, not blue,long story on why,but for there to be the birth of our sun,there would have to have been a dying star which then exploded to then form our sun,so by that statement there would have to have been a galaxy there before ,for it to die, so what do i think of the big bang ,there is very big holes in that story.