As The Earth Is 93 Million Miles From the sun What Speed Would We Need To

travel at to get to the sun in one year, which is 8,760 hours ,to find the speed to do this just do 8760 times 10,616 miles per hour that would give the speed per hour needed to go to the sun if you were able to,but you cant due to the heat and the gravity,that is not going round the sun , that is direct to the sun,as the earth is doing an oval trip round the sun ,if you think of the sun as a ball which is 360 degrees so we would need to work out the number of miles in each degree then we do 360 times that to work out the time needed to travel round the sun and the true speed of the earth as it goes round the sun, so if we look at the facts it would have to be 360 times 93 million so 1 million miles in each degree  but we know it is oval as the earth goes round the sun so we would need to use 370 degrees , so that is 370 times 93 million miles  ,so at 360 times 93 that is 33 billion 480 million miles and for 370 degrees that is 34 billion 410 million miles for the earth to go round the sun.
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why go to the sun anyway wouldn't you rather go to that m-class planet they spotted 20 light years away that would be interesting.