As We All Have A Brain The More We Use It The Stronger It Will Become So Use It Or Lose It

so here is something to think about,if our sun was born 13 billion years ago as claimed,then for our sun to be born then .would have to mean it was reborn from the death of its parent star,so the core of that parent star was to then be the core for our new there would have to be have been an old galaxy and an old sun ,in what is now our sun and our the same can then be said for all the other galaxy's ,so there is the very big hole in the claim that the universe was formed 15 billion years it is clear by that statement the universe would have to be far older than 15 billion years as claimed,that also is evidence.that each galaxy was formed from the death of its parent star ,if you like to call it its sun so it would have to be the core of the parent star on its death .to then form the rebirth of the new star, and in our case ,the birth of our sun.and our galaxy,and was nothing to do with the birth of the universe.there is no evidence to show the universe was born 15 billion years ago,by this statement there is evidence that each galaxy was formed due to the core of the death of the parent star. forming a new galaxy within the universe,the fact that expansion is taking place within our universe.shows we have a center core ,which would have to be a black hole.about 10 billion light years across for our universe to spin,so within that universe we are spinning round matter and anti matter within dark this universe of ours is one of many universes i think universes are formed like that of an atom,and so are joined as one.each doing the same thing,so there is something to think i would love to hear from people that think the same way,so we all have a brain so use it or lose it.
danielm85948 danielm85948
61-65, M
Aug 12, 2012