Living In A World Gone Wrong

I don't know when the people in this country stopped looking up to figures like Thomas Jeffereson and Albert Einstein and switch to Snooki and Homer Simpson. But it can't be too late to go back.  Some people think intelligence is all about having gone to a great university, that where you'll find some of the stupidest people you'll never want to meet.  Some of the most intelligent people I've know hardly go any formal education.  Lets look at Frederick Douglas, Abraham Lincoln, Malcome X.  And as another experience stated, there are many types of intelligence, Miles Davis was a musical genius, Marx Twain a literary genius, etc.  Shouldn't we be looking up to great intellects and taking in the gifts they have to impart to us?  Am I the only person left who wants his president to be way smarter than me.  Smart people got it going on.
holloway64 holloway64
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1 Response Dec 28, 2012

You're not alone with wanting your president way smarter than yourself! Not taking away from your intelligence, thankfully our current president is.