Mind Over Matter

I love intelligent people because they have information that i can learn from and that's what its all about as far as I'm concerned expanding the mind, in all directions preferably.

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Learn from God and you'll know everything there is to know about life. Pray or meditate do whatever that gets you closer to such magnificent entity of that which is our Creator. Love.

mind over matter,i don't mind if you don't matter,haha

isnt it nice to have it all!...not that i have im a goof most of the time. Intelligence can you buy it?...actually evidentally you can these days..via the internet of course. Im a little wise and a little intelligent but i do love to learn whether that be from experience or a book, but i much prefer the hands on approach. <br />
You sound pretty intelligent to me!...or is that wise...

Semantics...sure wisdom is a FORM of intelligence but wisdom comes from life experiences that are often unplanned while intelligence is something we work at by "learning" in a motivated and productive way. Common sense comes from knowing your limits AND being honest about them. Common sense often prevents you from getting hurt...wisdom comes from when you do get hurt....if we all were as intelligent as we think then we would not be getting hurt....example: teaching a child to ride a bike....

but isn't wisdom just another form of intelligence!. Like a trait and arent you talking about knowledge. <br />
What your talking about actually sounds like common sense. Now i like that too!, yes i agree you can be intelligent and have no common sense.

Intelligence is over rated...for example i have a 2.4 gpa AND 128 IQ.....i can not do algebra but i can solve problems of physical movement...."did you say you wanted the piano upstairs?". Intelligence is over rated to be dumb and still be smarter than all those "smart" people is disconcerning....wisdom comes from experience, empathy and openness and has nothing to do with intelligence