Cannot Bear Stupidity!!

I really love to talk with intelligent people...meaning ones who can actually follow my conversation without my having to give them the definition of the words in my vocabulary.  I don't look down on the ones who can't , but have a hard time getting close to's just way too much work for this lazy girl!!


I feel I should insert an example of what I mean:
A couple of years ago, I was at work talking with a coworker and my boss.  Both are adult women, one in her mid thirties, and one in her sixties.  Both had school aged children, and both were considered "knowledgable" by the populace at large.  My boss was scanning the front of the local newspaper, when she asked a question.  "What IS "no child left behind, anyway?".  My coworker looked at her, (I was with a customer, at the time), and said, "You know....when all the kids go to get on the bus and the driver forgets one".  My boss considers this and says, "I don't think they should be leaving any kids behind"........
I could not even bring myself to comment.  I was horrified at the willful ignorance.


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I have always prided myself on not being prejudiced. I have always made friends quickly with those that others have shunned and I have found great insights from their friendships.<br />
I have come to realize that I do avoid some people, I am prejudiced against the stupid not the impaired mind you, the ones who take pride in the vacuum of their intellect. The ones that I will actually run from are those low grade morons who believe in, and constantly profess their own genius. <br />
I do not believe I am superior at all, I'm fiercely equal. I would much rather talk with someone than to them.

I concur most heartily!!

I beat myself up everyday because I'm not smart enough to appeal to people like yourself. Its what I like in others, even though I lack it myself, and sometimes life doesn't feel worth going on. There's nothing i want more than to be at least on par.

I'm sorry I insulted you. It surely was NOT my intention. This story is meant more to say something about me, than it is to say something about others. I, myself, am no genius or intellectual. But...I DO like to read and to use my vocabulary. I believe I said, in my story, that I DON'T LOOK DOWN on people who don't care to strengthen their vocabularies....that is, by all means, their right. To each, his own. A large vocabulary is by no means a deal breaker when it comes to my friendships. What I tried to get across (and I'm sorry my poor attempt made you feel inferior), was that my preference is to talk to people with roughly the same vocabulary (btw...not claiming any more varied nor auspicious a vocabulary than most avid readers) as least sometimes. If you think there is such a thing as "not being smart enough" for me, you're wrong. I just find I tend to form CLOSER friendships with people who's conversation I enjoy. BTW...there ARE other ways to "appeal" to people, you know. A winning personality and friendly smile go a long way toward winning people over.....

I can promise you with the most certainty that you did not offend me. The problem is how much I like the intellectual types and my desire to deeply connect with them, even just the average, above average, person gives me a shorter end of the stick.
The truth is the truth; I just realize now that I may never attract a woman like you, and saddly I'm not attracted to minds much smaller.
Single forever? I don't know what to do, and I'm scared.

And it isn't just the vocabulary. I could get that, like I have before, and still sound dumb (if not even dumber than before; I sounded like a tool).
Perhaps the worst part of my problem is being unable to admire myself, because I'm not what I admire. I just want to know how to work on building a bigger mind, so I can admire my own self.

One Read any and everything you can. It will open your eyes to differing viewpoints and also knowledge. There is no reason why someone "like you" could not appeal to sound very nice!

BTW....I have the exact same problem of seeing myself as someone I would admire......

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If forced to make a choice, then , yes..I agree...

Thank you both for your comments...I really appreciate the fact that I'm not alone in this!!<br />
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sxdup<br />
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I totally agree. I love and crave intelligent conversation. I too get so frustrated with people who are wilfully ignorant, who don't want their limited worldview disturbed, do not want to think for themselves. O=Unfortunately, they are all around, and cause the problems that face the world and the individuals in it. Thankfully, there's also people like us who want to learn, want to explore and expand our minds.<br />
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lolololol!!!! Yup..I have little patience with them.....hell, I have little patience with everything!!! I don't mind uneducated people or ones who have a physical reason for their lack of's the ones who are just stubbornly, deliberately stupid!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
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Thank God for people like you, WB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
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Penny Webb;-)<br />

Oh yes i so agree with you there my friend! i like speaking to people who have some intelligence! Do you know you can't really have a decent conversation with someone of low ''intelligence'' and you definately can't argue with them,. I have a few friends like this! and they are hard work,. They think i'm stupid, but i know they are!!