'It was (thirty)  years ago today' As the whole world knows, John Lennon passed away in the most brutal fashion on Dec 8th, 1980. To celebrate his life, here's a solo and a Beatles classic.

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I heard when I came down in the morning, everyone was just in shock, barely believeable. As you say, his peace efforts were to be commended, a is Yoko's in the years since.

I still remember the night it happened. We were in total disbelief, then shock, then in tears. I had a great admiration for John's music and peace efforts and was an official Beatles fan since 1965.

Thank you, Pixie! :-) *hugs*<br />
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John Lennon's legacy is immesurable musically, and also culturally. The psychedlic era Beatles was always my favourite, and I could've chosen any number of groovy tracks, but this is up there with the grooviest!