My Hero, Marie Osmond

"I admire Marie Osmond". I 've been a Fan for 38 years. In that time I have met her at least 20 times. I first met her in New Orleans in 1982 right before she married to her first Husband. She was sooo Gracious and sweet that I fell in love her all over again. In fact I am such a fan that I have a Tattoo of her Doll Logo on my right calf.

SugarSue SugarSue
4 Responses Feb 26, 2009

She's the best, isn't she? Have you seen her in Vegas yet? The show with Donny is voted to be one of the Best in Vegas. If you haven't seen it, it is highly advised!!!!!

She is something. Loved her back then, love her now.

I liked marie even before PAPAER ROSES and still today

You got it!

Back to her "Paper Roses', Days?