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Michael Moore Kicks Off His '' Here Comes Trouble '' Book Tour Sept 2011


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Since rendering the other post, I have patiently listened to all of Mr. Moore's speech at the book club. I found nothing within it to alter my earlier impression that Michael Moore is a quintessential libtard.

As for the Michigan Elks, they could come up for heavy criticism too for holding President Abraham Lincoln up as some kind of a positive role model for modern-day boys. Of course, that would not be noticed by the likes of Michael Moore. He was fixated on the Elks preference of men of their own race. The Elks had sinned against an important standard of political correctness. For that cause, he wrote a sermon execrating them to the hot place and was cheered and honoured by all who were politically correct.

Notwithstanding that the Political Correctness Religion has canonized Lincoln as a false god, he was, in real life, a horrible monster war criminal. He was a tyrant, a humbug, a traitor devoid of respect for the Constitution and his oath of office, and a Michelangelo class artist working in in the medium of bovine scatology. The federal and northern state portion of the 650,000 plus men killed in his illegal and immoral war were mostly just shoveled into the furnace of war like so many expendable lumps of coal that would easily be replaced by more immigrants.

Michael Moore first came to mine attention with his "Bowling For Columbine" abomination. That blackguard can lie like Bunco Billy Clinton. I'd like to plaster him in the head with a grade AA large egg just like I did to the United Methodist Arch Bishop of North Dakota back in January, 1977. Michael Moore, a big, fat slob, would make an easy target for a grade AA extra large. SPLAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!