Michael Moore's Utopia

I have been a long time fan of Michael Moore and remember when Roger and Me  came out.  There was scarcely anybody else who was saying the things that he was saying.  Often his critics say that his ideas for changing things are a pipe dream and are impossible.  I think that his responded quite eloquently to those critics with this short clip.


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2 Responses Nov 9, 2008

i think his individual works of charity and outright heroism to some squash the critics all on thier own. How many people has he funded lawsuits and defences for now?

I, too,am a great fan of Michael Moore. He has been catalyst in America - almost a lone voice against corporate abuse and right wing conservatism for the past 2 years. He makes mincemeat of his critics, who resort to schoolyard bullying about his weight. grown up, eh?