My Hero

I am the person that I am today because of my dad. Words cannot describe what a nice man he is. He is the most generous, caring, accepting person I have ever met to this day. He is the complete opposite of my mother.
rowing up, my mom and I would fight all the time. My dad would stand up for me when she was wrong. When I would test my parents by sneaking out, or when I would get into trouble, he wouldnt yell at me. My dad is very laid back and very easy going, but I respect him. I never want to hear the tone he speaks in when he is disappointed with my actions.
y dad dropped out of high school to join the vietnam war. He has no problems that have affected our family. (at least he nevr shows them) He is a very strong person. He has never spoken to me about it, at least nothing in detail. I have always asked, just doesnt share. Anyway, he is a very successful man. He is so generous to everyone. He is so interesting, and is so nice to everyone. I am always eager to ave my dad take me and my friends out to dinner so they can get to know him. EVERYONE that meets him tells me how lucky I am. How smart, nice and generous he is.
He instilled in my two sisters and me to just let everyone be who they are. Accept everyone, and try not to judge. He leads by example. I can tell my dad ANYTHING... and I do! I tell him the good and the bad. He knows my dark side, he loves me. He loves whoever I love. He will help me or my friends at anytime with anything if we need it. My dad and I have always had this wonderful, special bond. I am the most like him, and I am closer to him than my sisters.
Growing up every single day until I was about 17 when he lost it,he would wear this gold crucifix. When I was a child he told me he got it when my mommy was pregnant with me and he promised to never take it off. I asked why, and he said there were complications with me when I was in her tummy. I never knew what those complications were until a yr ago. We were at my moms ex friends house with my dad having dinner. She was telling us how they met my parents. I guess my parents came to this church group not knowing what to do because my mom was told by her doctor to abort me. Something about her depression is what they said. My sisters and I couldnt believe it, my older sister who is one of my bestfriends started to tear up and I was becoming embarrassed and uncomfortable. They convinced my mom not to. So ever since then I can see maybe why my dad has always adored me so much. He obviouslly wanted me.

I love my dad SO MUCH. I always said I wanted to end up with a man who is like him.. but knew that would probably never happen. My current boyfriend actually is A LOT like him. The only flaw he has is maybe he is a little too overprotective and kind of insecure. I am so lucky to have the Dad I am because it has shown me who I want as a partner. My dad had my mothers support and gave her EVERYTHING, treated her like a queen. Even after my moms affair was revealed, he told her he would stay with her and that he loved her. (he feels much differently now) but it goes to show what a great person he is. I wish you all could meet him, then you would understand. My dad is my hero and I am so lucky to gr
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Oddly enough, I have a daughter who is close to your age with whom I have a very similar relationship...including the mother (previous wife) who had an affair that broke us up. But my daughter is so much like me that we get along splendidly, just like you and your father apparently do. If he is at all like me, then I cannot express in words just how much you (and your sisters) mean to him. His job is to be overprotective...he can't help that nor will it change. All you can do is provide him with fewer reasons for him to be overprotective by making smart choices and showing him that you have learned the life's lessons he's been teaching you for years. Whenever I see my daughter make the "right" choice (generally meaning the choice that provides the better LONG TERM SOLUTION, not the quick fix or moment of fun that costs her later), those are the times I know she is becoming a quality adult, capable of raising her own children eventually. And having your own children will be the first time you have a chance to truly "feel" what your Dad has felt about you from the moment he knew he would become a father, through all of your "tests" and all of the bad and good times you have had and will have for years to come. This was quite a tribute you wrote. I hope you share that with your father, like my daughter did with me a couple of years ago when she wrote a custom birthday card for me. A few words for your military dad: First, "Thank you for your service to this country." Second: "Your mission objective of raising an amazing daughter who has matured into someone who is now realizing WHY you made some of those decisions that you did (and that she thought you were crazy or mean for doing, back when you did them) has been accomplished. Mission complete...well done...return to base."

That is fantastic. He sounds like an inspiring man!