Father's Gifts to Me

Learning on my own, not listening to useful information served by siblings and family alike became my forte though I had expected a more understanding side of myself to let advice and information fly from every corner of my world. Focusing on those qualities maybe we wish to exude can deem itself as more efficient that steering clear of the examples we strive not to be. I was demonstrating a “run away” attitude. I wanted to sprint as far as possible from the snide, bitter, unrelenting, clammed, caloused, old-fashioned, vulgur, bitter ways of my mother. I desperately wished to flee from the sensitive, passive, shy, ashamed, afraid, meagerly enthusiastic sides of my father. Forgetting to focus on the fun, active, strong-willed, fervent, accepting qualities within her and the kind, genuine, hospitable, loving, intelligent, religious aspects of him, I realized I have a smidge of each of the above. A balancing act was this new game, I found I entailed each one of these with a Tessa twist, newfound descriptions I had added to the recipe during the passage of time. I’d imagine I may be described as being athletic, stubourn, young, diligent, wild, sassy,  confusing and free spirited all wrapped into one. Once again, new ideas and ways of leading my life flourished from the concept of being, just living for who I was and God intended me to be. It was okay to be weak and negative in some manners, as long as it balanced with those of greater, more powerful aspects.
tessagirl tessagirl
18-21, F
Feb 28, 2009