What Daniel Did After His Sister Died

I have a friend called Daniel from UK. He finished college in the USA. After his graduation, his sister, Cindy, came all the way from England to celebrate Daniel's 'big day' (she was studying journalism at that time). Daniel and Cindy were twins. They were really close before Daniel went study abroad. Anyway, after a couple of days then it was time for Cindy to go back home. But on the way to the airport, she had a terrible car crash. Her taxidriver didn't make it. Cindy and the other car driver were then transported to the hospital. After Daniel knew what happened to his sister, he rushed to the hospital. But Cindy was badly wounded, and Daniel couldn't do anything. He witnessed his dear sister taking her last breath. He was shocked . After the death of Cindy, he locked himself in his room for 5 days, no matter how his parents, his friends nor I tried to relate to him. He blamed Alex (his elder brother) for not being there for Cindy. He spent those days drying his eyes out But somehow, a miracle happened. The sixth day, he suddenly got out of his room, with that original smile and everything that is normal of his. Just like nothing happened. That day, he went to Alex's place and apologize him for being over-emotional. Then he visited the taxidriver's family and gave them some money (I was with him that day). It wasn't so much but really gave them a great support because it was from someone who had just lost the dearest person in his life, too. And most unbelievably, the next day, he visited that other car diver who luckily made it through and was treated in the hospital at that time. I once asked him why he did all that. And he answered "Cindy told me to in my dream". A few months later, Daniel and both went back to England, found a job, and now having a great life.

Tell me what you think of Daniel.

rocketfingers rocketfingers
22-25, M
Feb 19, 2010