My Mother can be my:
-friend: Share stories that not all mothers can relate too
-therapist: A person that I confined too when I had my mood swings and depression
-chef Cooks my favorite dishes and cooking with a smile planted on her face
-psychologist When I'm neurotic,she comforts me
-lawyer She acts like a lawyer by inventing some rules in different contexts
-critic Whatever I wear she tells me I'm fat
-punisher Doing wrong deeds will lead to long nagging excruciating sessions
-shelter Whenever I'm in emotional pain I seek refuge in her warm arms
-doctor She knows how I function. If I get sick her motherly instincts will kick in and she will provide me a medicine that suits me
and she gets mad when the doctor prescribed a medicine my mother didn't predicted.
-forgiver She loves me so much that hurting her will make her appreciate, understand and even love me more

She is a mother that can be anyone for the sake of me. I'm waiting for the day that I can be just like her in the future. Mother if you can read this which I hope not. I love you so much!!!
Dumstey Dumstey
18-21, F
2 Responses Oct 25, 2010

they do neeran tnx:))

Mothers are precious, The visible gods for us. : )