My Great Mom

I haven't told her that I admire her for being a strong woman, for continue living for us and for being a single parent.

I admire you mom for being a great mom! ^^,
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Every mom is great. From the conception of their child to giving birth. not even including raising her kid, they are absolutely great! ^^,

Not everyone had the Mr. Rogers' meets June Cleaver family or mother. Some of us had mothers who saved themselves & left their kids to get the **** beat out of us by abusive alcoholic fathers (their husbands, whom they refused to leave for themselves let alone to save their children from the abuse not to mention the psychological issues we had to face as adults then hopefully were smart enough to find a job where we had insurance in order to cover the cost of therapy and time to visit our first ALCOA (Adult Children of Alcoholics) meetings in order to get a sharp dose of what reality and normalcy is truly about so we didn't f-up the future relationships and later marriage with children of our own. Not all of us were as fortunate. I'm glad you were, but, you are wrong in thinking ALL MOTHERS are great b/c they aren't. That includes from conception to delivery as well because our father was a hateful abusive B even before we were born, while she was pregnant, and after we came along, which is why we cut ties and found healthy relationships elsewhere. Genetics isn't about love. Genetics doesn't equal love either. It's the heart and the mind realizing right from wrong and making the changes necessary to ensure yourself and any children in your life are safe, secure, and loved along with close friends brought into that circle as family.