Tough As A Rhinos Toenail.

Yes I do.
She's had to put up with so much cr@p in her life. Way before me and after.
Even before I was born she had my best interest in heart.
And when she's wrong, she has good reason to be.
Even though people have said she's not the best mother, I think she does a lot better than most.

OnMyTippeeToes OnMyTippeeToes
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 14, 2012

Wow, nice post. I agree. A mother is first a woman. Nobody ask her to be perfect. Some people thought that parent must be 'as perfect as possible", just a bit selfish, no ?<br />
It's great You recognize the will, the daily mother's work and the trial she wear.<br />
You said so well " she does a lot better than most ". Great :)