A Mothers Love.

My Mother is 46 years old. She had Cancer my senior year in High School. She survived then My Dad got Cancer as she was still in recovery. We found out He got through it and a week later He and my four year old niece went to town one day and He never came home. My Mother is a strong person. But I hate seeing her hurting. My brother and his wife were drug addicts and they lost their children and everything they owned. Shortly after losing the kids, My sister in law Od'd and passed away. So basically what I'm saying is my Mother has been through hell and back. She's alone and now she recently had to take a crappy Job, that I'm afraid she can't handle. I've been trying to get a job so she can quit, but it is getting so hard in this town. I don't know what to do at this point. I feel that it is my turn to take care of her, but I'm not sure how? Is there anyone out there with some helpful advice?
TheRarestRose21 TheRarestRose21
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 5, 2012

*hug* I hope everything going well for you and your mother. Remember...its always gonna be sunshine after dark. *hugs*