I love my mum. Without her I am nothing, my life doesn't mean anything. She is my best friend, my buddy, my everything. Yes she sometimes acts as a child but she is very adorable. I love her lots lots and lots.
Seneya Seneya
22-25, F
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I admired mine as well. God Bless Her Soul.

Here here!

Or is that "hear hear"? Haha
I looveeeeee my mummy so much.
She is freaking hilarious and all levels of adorable.

And she's shorter than me omg <3

That is sweet.

my friends mother for taking me off the street at age 12 and sharing her love me and her child and allowing us to live as adults

You take good care of your momma you dont get em twice

l love my parents too,without them i'm nothing..

Wow that's great :)