Strong Lady

My mother has endured so much. She got pregnant with my older brother at a very young age and carried on with the pregnancy at the promise of her older boyfriend saying he would support them. As soon as my brother was born, the guy disappeared and has never appeared to this day (my brothers 23). My mum married my and my younger brother's dad when she was 3 months pregnant with me. They divorced 2 years later when she was due to give birth to my brother and he disappeared, and didn't return until 10 years later and still never really bothers with us. Then my mum had two more children with another man who ended up sexually assaulting me for 5 years. She didn't know until i was about 15 and finally had the guts to report him. To her, he was her dream partner, it broke her heart in more ways than anyone can find imaginable. But before i told her of this abuse, she also gave birth to a premature baby. He died 3 months later.

So my poor mother, raising 5 kids, with no dads around for moral or financial support was really tough. She was constantly missing my poor baby brother who couldn't be with us today. She has never been able to work. Now as a pay of respect my brothers and sister constantly get into trouble with the law and talk to her like sh*t. They take her for granted and drain ever single penny that she has left so they can buy booze and weed. None of them work even though they are well old enough too (i have a hidden hatred for their behavior). My younger brother who is now 20 has a 14 month old baby who he has for half a week every week and still has never supported her or got a job to do so. My mother also pays for her grandchild. My mum can never seem to say 'no'. She's always put her kids first, no matter how horrible they are to her. She gives in because they through hatred and tantrums her way. They haven't appreciated one thing that she's done for us. She's tried so hard to make it work for all of us. We have been made homeless twice and she's always got back on her feet to house us again.

I really feel for my mum. She talks to me a lot as i'm the only one who respects her. I'm doing my best so that at least she's got someone to be proud of. I'm also hoping that when i get into my career i can start supporting my mother financially like she has me all my life. The world sucks sometimes and my mum has done the best that she can do. She is a role model in my eyes.

SammyCymru SammyCymru
22-25, F
Jun 27, 2009