My mama passed away on St Patrick's day this year. I thought anything heart wrenching in my life had already came to pass. I never thought she would die. This has got to be the worst pain ever. But I admire that lady she was so strong and a precious soul. She loved her children. Not a day goes by my heart don't ache so bad. I love you mama
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mama is everything, worth more than Gold.

I feel for you, mine passed almost 11 years ago. I wrote a poem, which is in my experiences, she was the only one that truly know my pain, and tried to geo me through it

So sorry

sorry for your loss

Awwww :( our condolences :/

Th I miss her so bad.

Sorry :/ *hugs*

Sorry to hear your about your loss.. I know it's not the same without your mum, she is there with you in spirit she will never leave you. In Jesus name I pray your pain will be healed.
Stay strong. Hugs

Th my friend


I'm sorry for your lost. Best of love for u. stay strong.

Thank you so much

It's the least I could do. after all, we need each other to stay strong. =) u hang in there. she's in a better place.

lmbo I tell my sister's that all the time.

i don't tell my bro/sis because they already know it haha ;D

Thank you so much.

Ah no problem! i have a mom like that too, but she loves me more than her other kids haha

Hope that lady rest in heaven!!