This past weekend was my moms birthday. We had lunch at Olive Garden with my older && younger sister && Tom (which is my moms 17 year relationship which whom I also respect). We enjoyed being together like always.. cutting up laughing.. Never a dull moment. I find myself doing some of the same things to my children as she did with my sister && I. I ask my kids to earn things like decorations for their rooms, toys, bikes, etc. She dealt with all the fights && all the mood swings && never walked away from us. I have so much more respect for my mom than I ever had. She's the best mom I could've ever asked for && even a better grandmother as well.

I love && respect my mom (:
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sounds like you had a blast! :D

Cool. One lucky girl

I don't want to burst your bubbles but myself and all the guys from the Chabad house had sex with your mom and we didn't even take our shoes off.

Aww isn't that sweet (: no bubbles bursted here.. She wouldn't give you or anyone else the time of day especial with trash eat trash mouth. You can comment again if this is just your way to start conversation? Is this the only way a woman will talk to you?

I'll talk with a loser every now && again.. So go for it !

haha say hi to your mom for us.

Hahaha I will.... Not. Have you ever even had sex? You say you hate yourself, trust me dude you re not alone ! Maybe you're mad cause you hate your mom cause she didn't throw you in the trash at the gas station instead your brother was the lucky one huh?

shalom aleichem to you too shiksa. now seriously say hi to your mom. tell her the lubavitchers have her no.

Take your own words && shove them as far into you're *** as you can.. You need all the peace you an get && I'll just continue to be me, but thanks though (:

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This is not the actual picture from this past weekend (I was dealing with my sinuses && looked sickly lol) The picture is actually from my birthday a few moths ago.

A few ''moths'' lol . I can tell you will be a single mom soon and probably a crack ***** with a Negro baby too.

You can tell? That's amazing you should try psychology, but I think we should to stick to our study's now don't we? Cause you couldn't be more wrong. Let's see.. I see you as being a malefactor in your community probably as a result of catching your woman in bed with another man. You leave her && ditch the kids so now their fatherless && you're on a rampage through the town all alone cause no one, not even yourself, loves or cares about you :( that's terribly sad.

lol :)