Mothers are respectable for us in all ages and in all times of the life. Whoever we love or become attached to in our lives, the feelings for mothers are non comparable. Nothing in this whole world can ever replace the love for mothers.
The love for a mother is innate. This love is created by God and is strongest one.
I truly admire my mom. Shes my role model and the best person for me. I cant ever stay calm if i ever hurt her or disturb her. So mothers are blessings and we must love them and care for them.
I truly thank God for granting me the best mother.
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2 Responses Dec 25, 2015

YOU have said this in the best possible way!!! My mom is my best friend, she knows this. I want to be just like her! Donna

yes you are right mother is best gift by Allah.. you know I hurt my mother for a girl even though that girl hurt me