I have seen my mother get knocked down, repeatedly by life. I have seen her climb her way back up.. sometimes by her nails. She is the toughest old bird I know. (don't tell her I called her an old bird)
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That sounds like a wonderful poem :) climbing the mountain with nails

I'll have to work on that. :-)

women r tough... u do keep getting knocked back on your high heels but get back up.... my child thinks I'm the strongest woman she knows but I'm not really because I'm not successful in that I couldn't give her very much.... but we have a lot ta love in our family of 2....

I understand that. Her respect for you will help her get through life. We didn't have much either but she just tried so darn hard. She has a lot of heart and that's what your child and I have in common. We both love our mom's most of all because of your heart.

Now I'm all weepy... lol.... she told at her job if she could be half the woman I am she will be a happy person...I was so moved... it's always been just us no daddy... no other family to speak of so we r tight... she's only 19... still finding her way.. but I'm so proud of who she is...

awe. ((hugs))
You should be proud. It sounds like you've done good, momma. :-)

My mom will be 75 this year, though you'd never know it. Plus, she's the best pistol shot in the family.😉

that's awesome!!!!

When my dad first got my mom into pistol shooting, he bought her a Browning Buck Mark .22LR and he got a Ruger Mark III in stainless steel for him. He had red dot sights put on both of them. Well, she outshot my dad week after week. My dad had both the red dot sight from his pistol, and the pistol itself, sent back to their respective factories to find out if they were defective. No such luck--they were fine. He had to admit that my mom can shoot rings around him, and he's a pretty good shot.

:-) I'm a pretty good shot myself. That's cool.

I'm trying to get my wife into it. I've got my eye on either a S&W 642 or a Glock 42 for her.

I was afraid to do it at first but after the first shot and seeing it hit the target, I was hooked. :-D I was surprised by the 22 power. kicked my hand back a little. Mostly stuck to the Lugar.

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