It will be 3yrs on Jan 30th that my mother passed & it has been difficult because she was truly my best friend & the only person on earth who really knew me. She was amazing how she did the best she knew how alone raising 6 of us after our father died. In my eyes she did the best she could with what she had & unfortunately we all made it difficult for her when we were young. "OH the regrets :("
As each of the older siblings left home; marriages, etc., there were 3 of us with mom & I was now the oldest in the house & because of that I had to be there for mom watching the younger ones with her working & she & I bonded in a new way, a "better way". I miss her so much, yesterday (Jan.9th), was her birthday she would have been 87yrs old. I admire my mommy!
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Can only image your pain. Condolences,condolences. I too have experience lost,til this day I still cry. You be strong and hold on ok.

Thank you for your kind words, thank you.

You know what your never going to stop missing her! My mom passed in 93. She was gifted with children. But spending that time with your mother you learnt her values, beliefs and traditions. Now it's up to you to pass what she taught you to your children. We're the next generation of matriarchs and patriarchs. We are going to be the next generation to be loved and missed so make sure you pass on your teachings!

I couldn't agree with you more but here is the irony, out of 6 children I was the only one who really cared about her. My siblings are distant & when my mom was here they treated her poorly because of the past & I would be there for her tears of hurt, "ya know?" I try to pass on being kind, etc., with strangers. After her death the siblings became nonexistant. It's funny, the same people who were always acting concerned about my health when she was alive could care less now. I guess because I was so close to her, I died as well to the family.

I look for good in people. Sometimes I self destruct but I kick myself in the ***, brush off the bullshit and tell myself forgive and look for the qualities. I had a wonderful mother there was 14 of us all together. She wasn't a drinker, Christian. Put all of us first before her needs . Remember her falling asleep about nine or ten because she was busy cooking snd cleaning all day. Just pass on what she taught you!