I like to spank myself. The harder the better, and I get so exhilarated by how bad I can make it sting!! But I am running out of painful and exhilarating things that I can do to punish myself. Any ideas??? Also tonight I was mad and was very disrespectful to my roommate and gave myself one of the worst spankings I have EVER had because I deserved it. I'm an adult, but if I were a kid a surely would have gotten just the same. My whole butt is black and blue now.!But when you deserve it and there is no one to give you the real "lesson" teaching spanking, I guess you do it yourself. Any REALLY good above on how I I can have a lot more pain and
A. LOT MORE STING, please share. I am a very very bad Girl, and I am willing to tryout FOR THE NEXT STINF is
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1 Response Feb 2, 2016

I prefer to use my hand and watch that pretty *** go from pink to bright red

I agree that a nice flat hair brush works very well
being bent over a chair or a lap definitely tightens up the ***
with the black and blue areas you will get that nice tingle for a few days when you sit down

That's very true
pm me sometime and we can chat about it