Right now, I really missed my mom...
She is now being moved, along with my father, to my ancestor's grave, quite far away from here...
I was not get along with her, always fight and argue to each other, but.. among my 4 brothers and 1 sister, I was the closest kid she got.
She raised us: the 6 of us, by herself.. Being a single mother for about 14 years since my dad passed away..
That's my first admiration: being tough by herself..
Arrine Arrine
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wow I can't imagine raising 6 kids. Must be a nightmare.

Hahaha... Yeah, perhaps..
Most of the time, she was regreting our presence, but anyway, she still felt greatful for us..
That's another admiration, @ erik2000erik200.. :)

I believe it was hard for her, my parents have many hard times even with 2 of us haha.
How was it to have 5 siblings?

Ahhh, I should reply here, then..
Hahaha.. OK..

Hmmm.. Having 5 siblings?
4 brothers and 1 sister..
I am the 5th..
My youngest brother is 38 this year.. Still, all of us are childish..
The child rearing here I bet totally different with there.. :)

wow you were the only girl haha
for me even 1 sister is too much
For my parents child rearing is usually with the belt.

Nooo, u've mistaken..
It were 6 of us: son, son, daughter, son, me, and another son..
With belt? Really? May I know where r u come from?

The first 3 of us, yeah, maybe still feel the belt and being in "jail".. But at least not me and my younger brother..
I never had my dad hit me with his hand or anything.. Maybe my mom pinched me, yes..

My dad is not rough kind of people.. :)

I'd rather answer in pm. Can you add me cos I can't send you a pm?

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