But I always wonder why she keeps putting me down especially when I voice my opinions about family's finance?? I've been ridiculed by her again, today. what the..

when dad passed away, I actually admire mom because she grew to become a strong single mom. but I do resent her on how she didn't provide me the wisdom on how to live life, even though when I actively show my interest to participate.

okay, for a small example, when I was a teenager, I wanted to help her in the kitchen. but she brushes me off, saying the kitchen is too small, and I am too slow. As a result, I didn't even manage to learn cooking at all until I get out from the house. as for my younger sister, mom permits her, teach her lots of cooking. isn't it unfair?

not only this, many of my regrets come from lack of teaching from the parents - even though I try to participate, how can they brush me off in almost every little thing I would like to try.

what I learn from her just only "credit card is dangerous." Coupled with my admiration for dad's wisdom in economics, that is truly a magnificent wisdom. but only that. I couldn't remember anything else. Other friends of mine always have something they've learnt from their mom.

Anyway, I hope my feelings of resentment disappear fully. And I wish she stop putting my ideas down every single time. Please be more supportive of your daughter. You have always been comparing me with other girls since I am a child, making me lose self-esteem even until now. and now you're even ridicule me for not becoming normal adult like others are. Well, that's because you stopped me from growing!

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i dont know why your mun treats you that way ,but it must be hard for you to deal with.I will admit that my mum could be critical of me too when i was younger.my dad wasnt around. so i felt responsible for staying at home to keep her company.i stopped myself from socializing because i was so concerned about her being alone.im one of 5 siblings and i was the only one that she was very critical of.my looks ,my clothes ,my weight.Even down to the boys i broke my heart over.I always felt held back never encouraged.my siblings seemed to have been accepted whatever.only now im older and so is my mum.when i look back i see it now as she just wanted me to better myself.just to be the best i could be.just it knawed away at ny cobfidence.just im a mum myself now and i try to breed confidence in my kids at all times.What im trying to get at is its difficult being a single num.maybe she dosent know that you feel this way.maybe she found it difficult to take advice of one of her children.i think that if you told her or asked her why she us this way tiwards you.maybe you will have overcome this feeling of rejection.i wish you well whatever the outcome .also be proud that you have taught yourself how to survive.your independant and thats a wonderful way to be.Turn the negatives into positives.a lot of people rely on tgeir parents so much that they bever becone their own person.Be proud of how well your doing. x

She has the narrow view! Keep working on her! You may soon notice a change!