Being young.Trying to find my feet in life.I Didnt always understand how being a lone parent was for you.My selfish teenage self,my anger and resentment for a father who never cared.Now a lone parent myself .i want you to know that i love and admire you mam.You had to deal with so much while dad was living a single mans life No one and no where to turn.still you were our mam and you were always the strong parent .Always there for us making our lives safe and secure.Now your older and have suffered health problems.Now you need a little help yourself.The reason why im here for you mam to help you in all ways i can.ill take care of you the best i can.i wish i lived nearer wish i had a car But even without these ill walk miles for you.its the least i can do for my angel.just giving back a little for everything you do and have done for you mam
thetideisturning000 thetideisturning000
41-45, F
Feb 23, 2016