When I was younger I didn't see how my dad treated my mom.
I didn't see how much he hurt her when he cheated on her with other women. I only saw that my dad was always home with us while mom would work late. I thought that since he was always with us, he cared about us a lot more than she did, and it didn't help that when she was home she would get angry at us for things like not doing our homework or cleaning the house.
So when my dad started going over sea's and my mom started having secret affair's, I resented her for it. I thought it was her fault that my dad wasn't visiting or calling to check up on us. I was angry with her for that and I made sure that she knew it.
I was stupid and fought with her on the smallest thing and made her cry. I thought that my anger was justified and that she was a bad person for cheating on my dad. But as I grew up, I saw how my mum struggled to provide for me and my five sibling's, how my mum would often call my dad for us and how she would cry at night.
When my dad finally came back, they got divorced, but before that I saw him beat her. I remember my siblings crying, but I couldn't do anything because I was crying too while trying to pull my dad off her.
I should've seen it then that he wasn't as good a person as I thought he was, but it had to take my little brother trying to call him a thousand times just to find out that he's already with another woman and a kid for me to finally understand that it wasn't as simple as that. I had to grow up faster and look after my siblings because my mum had to work late in order to put six kids through school without any help. I saw her struggle to make ends meet but she never complained about it, she would only tell us to do well in school so that we'd have a good future.
I regret fighting with her and believing that she didn't love us and making her cry, a mother shouldn't cry because of her children.
I admire her because even after all the hardships that she had to endure in order to raise us, and all of the times we've upset or made her cry, she's still there for us and she still loves us. She's always telling us that she was our bestfriend, that even if everyone was against us, she would always be on our side to help and guide us.
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