I love my mother very much and I admire everything she has done for us siblings. Both my mom and dad have been together since they were high school and college sweethearts. My father was a career military officer while my mother was an executive for a law firm. My mother always placed her children first instead of work or herself. She wanted to make sure we kids were well taken care of. We kids made sure our rooms and other chores were completed as well as our homework too before mom got home from work. If we had questions about anything about homework, sex education, choice of clothes to wear somewhere, and so many other things we could always go to my mother and ask her for her help or opinion. Lastly, mom, my 3 sisters, and I are very busty even today. We girls loved teasing one another about the size of our enormous boobs. It was in all good and clean fun and nothing was meant by it. It was just fun times growing up and maturing as women. Also, I have 3 brothers and they are so much fun to be around as well then and now.
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My mother is awesome she is my best friend