Le Sacre- December 2, 1804

On Sunday, December 2, 2012 we will be at the 208th anniversary of the Coronation of Emperor Napoleon I at Notre Dame du Paris. An event that consolidated the authority of the 35 year old First Consul-reafirmed the Concordat with the Vatican-and famously caused Ludwig Van Beethoven to tear off the dedication page of Symphony number 3 "The Eroica". It also set the stage for the anticipated unification of Europe.
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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

This is where I cannot agree with your sentiments. Napoleon was an enemy of my country (who we eventually defeated) and the unification of Europe has been a disaster for the UK. If we get the referendum which a lot of us in Britain want, I will vote to come out of the European Union. The French and the Germans, who have a lot of sway in the European Parliament do everything they can to minimalise our influence and impose stupid laws on us. Since the devil Blair signed us up to the European Bill of Human Rights Act, justice has been turned on it's head. The only people that have rights in the UK now are criminals and terrorists (who are very often defended at great tax payers expense by Blair's mercenary wife Cherie)!

There is a movement in this country who feel that Blair should be tried as a war criminal for the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. I feel he should be tried for treason for the way he has ruined my beloved country by selling it down the river.

Sorry about the political rant. I'm so disillusioned with politics I don't even vote now. I used to be a rabid Labour supporter but Blair has ruined the party.

I know this is not on thread but it just got me on the subject of enemies of my country, and for me Blair is one of them.