Do I Admire Mom?

Everyone told my mother as she was about to take the State Board test . Your baby should be a nurse too. She was expecting me. my Mom has retired and gone back and worked another 10 years since she retired she has been a nurse all my life and my oldest sister is a nurse too she has been in nursing for over 25 years and finally Yes I am in nursing school I had majored in something else but I had a change of heart. It is very strange and I wonder is it because I admire my mom so much or is it just the type of person I am. So those people predicted years ago I would and I am making it reality.
Babeondwy Babeondwy
41-45, F
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Mom some times you become a eg for me mom cause most of the woman's won't study after 30 but you are just great . You follow the way of your heart it will lead to victory - M.K.G

Thank you my dear son! I appreciate your love and support.



oh momo 10 hours ago i was awake and watching movie pirrates of the carribean i wish i could have a chat with you...

Hey son did you hear about the ship that was in that movie sank in the Atlantic Ocean during this storm this pass weekend? It first appeared in a movie back in 1962 it was a old ship I told somebody it should have been put in a museum instead of keeping in in the water. Well it's resting in peace at sea.

I can't get what you are saying momo...:)

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