Nurses Are Angels!

As a physician, I want to personally thank every nurse out there for their hard work and dedication. You are my eyes, ears, and my hands in the frontline of taking care of the patients. Our jobs are so much easier because of the work you do.

I also want to apologize for those of us that sometimes may seem irritated or upset about those late night calls or questions. I will admit that I am guilty as charged and I hope none of you take it personal. I am still human and I do not mean to take it out on the person on the other end of the phone. I do like my sleep. :)

Thank you nurses for everything you do!!!
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What a lovely post :) Would have been nice to hear this more frequently on the Wards in the UK...I left this field now, it's too brutal for me!

I admired the great Docs too. The student Doctors were often incredible, very caring attitude.


Thank you :)

Very cool, thank you... <br />
But I myself have pretty much decided to leave the profession to do other work....but I have to say one of the main reasons I'm done with it is the other nurses, my co-workers....worse than any crabby Dr.!!<br />
The job is hard and stressful enough....can't do the job AND deal with the unprofessional, psycho egomaniacs too! I just said **** is too short. Money is not everything. I'm making myway regardless

It depends to which world location nurse belong, In London i had accident, i was young at that time, newly married, my lady nurse was so kind,cute and amazing friendly making nice comments when ever she visited me always make me laughed a very full of life girl her body movement,hand movement when she talked, I can not forget that angel.<br />
I am nearly 60 but some time i feel she is with me, some people we can not for get all life.<br />
once my newly married wife was there, she noticed her and was so upset, she said ohh i know she like you so much,she forced me to go home.<br />
Next day when my wife was taking me home on wheell chair, that nurse suddenly saw me i was leaving hospital,Ohh God i can not forget the way nurse shocked seeing me going home.<br />
I can not forget that, <br />
May be some one do not like my story as, nurse are sisters or you say that was her duty,to be kind with you, yes true , but man can read woman eyes. as women can read man eyes.<br />
I felt so boring,i Asked her bring me some books, she brought me many Cristian Books :-)<br />
I said to her I just want read you only :-) she laughed ,saying still you did not read me :-)<br />
Ohh Lords some people are so cute, she had a baby type faty nose and she looked so cute I miss her and her cute nose, bay nurse, many flowers,roses all for you.<br />
yes nurse are great.<br />
Yes i know you feel i am crazy:-) sorry apologies, slute to that british white girl a angel, angel angel.

I too as a physician can never say enough about our nurses!! They have our backs all the time and for the neebees they have raised us into what we are today! Thank you!!

I am still a student nurse and will finish (fingers crossed) in 12 weeks.....I have found it so hard and have wanted to quit so many times, but when people make comments like yours it makes me happy and remember that all the hard work is so worth it.