My Best Friend From School/my Aunt/Barbaras' attack!

So, I wanna to tell something about it. I have never thought I would make it, but I made it. When I was graduated in secondary school, we were all class as 19 years old youngsters. It seemed we knew each other very well. I have got also an aunt, who is a well experience nurse, working in an ER and in the ambulance fleet. But, I think you have read story about my shocking meeting in the hospital. We had got twin sister(not mine) in school. Both of them are nice, smiled girls, which can be really liked by most of friends. But, there is also a disabled person in this family. I think about their younger sister. And...this girl about whom I want to say, is one of these twins. I thought in the completely another way. Simply a person who has got some disabled people among close relatives, is fed up with disability, doctors, hospitals. But...not this lovely girl! As I wrote, we met together when I was hospitalized due to a pancreas and a glazier desease. What is more, it is a hospital, mostly oriented to an oncologic desease. And...this girl...this lovely girl told me she become a nurse due to a vocation....a vocation spreading out of necessity of taking care at his disabled sister. I would like also to come back to my aunt. She is a wife of my uncle(mum's cousin) And...suddently, it spread out that my uncle is hit by fatal desease. A sight nerve cancer with attack on the kidney. This kidney was resected, uncle is liveth and he is a volunteer fireman. And my ount is still one of the best nurses of a newly set rescue ward in Oswiecim hospital. There is else something funny in this. The most of polish nurses' name is...Barbara. And...Both my aunt and this cute girl, who I met is name also...Barbara! Is not it a bit funny?????? I would like to say something else. When I read only a name of this girl at the ID it thought : "Damn it! The next Barbara-nurse". When I read a surname and looked at the face after reading a surname, I thought "Holy Sheet! It is my best friend from school!" And when I was in a Voividship hospital 11 years ago there was a change of gauze and there 3 nurses come in my room and I look at their ID and I thought "Holy Sheet! Three Barbaras!". What's a pity I am not a coal miner or my dad is not a coal miner! Barbaras are coming in!
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May 28, 2012