They Are A Special Breed

One can often tell a nurse by the fact that they are very caring individuals. Sometimes this comes across when they are in everyday street clothes in a completely different location. Members of their profession are very much taken for granted. Be aware that they are unsung heroes.
Once, as a four year - old boy, I accompanied my father when he donated blood. I remember that the nurse at the hospital where he made the donation seemed so pretty. She must have made a fuss over me.
There were times over the years when I had made observations about nurses.
For one thing, I miss the old uniforms they used to wear. One could tell they were nurses because of the caps they wore. I used to love their short dresses which showed such sexy, white - hosed legs. Certainly, I am dating myself.
Once, I was in a doctor's office as a boy. The nurse put a thermometer in my mouth to take my temperature. I can remember that I took it out and pretended that it was a cigarette. The nurse wasn't very happy about that. She was doing her job, and I had made it more difficult for her.
Our school nurse in Elementary School was always quite pretty. When I was six years old, we had to go to the nurse's office for a physical. I was told to ***** down to my underpants. To be quite honest, I was shocked to be told to do that when I was that young. I was in school and had to be in only my underpants in front of two women. The women not only had me in this situation, but they grabbed the front of the waistband twice to look inside at my penis. At least the nurse was young and pretty. The doctor was an older, white - haired woman.
In my thirties, I was at work one day, and I was unloading a UPS truck. There were some packages which were strapped together. Somehow, one of the packages came loose from the strapping. My nose was hit by it. Who knows how heavy the box was, but it caused my nose to bleed. There were efforts made at the work place to stop the bleeding to no avail. I thought I had done something wrong and caused the box to hit my nose, but the UPS driver told me that it just broke free from the other packages.
My boss had to take me to the doctor for a workman's compensation claim.
I will never forget the kind nurse there. She reminded me of one of my aunts. In the performance of her duty, I apologized for getting blood all over the place and she was very professional and soothed me.
There was a time when I had an auto accident. I went to the emergency room and the nurses there were very professional and caring. They took the vitals, and very comfortingly asked the questions. I had been injured, but they were not aware as to the extent.
Once I was in a hospital room, I can remember that the nurses came in around the clock to check on me. Mostly, they were quite caring and soothing. They saw to my needs.
A particular nurse would have been described as an Atilla the Nurse type. Sometimes there is a need for a nurse of that kind. But, I was in a hospital bed, in pain, and she came to me and told me that I needed to turn over in bed as I was snoring.
There was a nurse who would give me medication for pain. When I had had a shower, the nurse didn't come to see about me getting into take a shower. I got out of bed, undressed, and disconnected the electrodes. No one came to see about me after the shower either. I reconnected the electrodes and got them all wrong.
I had to have x - rays and the nurse had two male orderlies to offer me assistance in getting out of bed and I showed them. I got out of bed without help.
Over the years, I have appreciated the kindness of nurses. When my children had to have shots, there was one nurse at the Pediatrician's office who said it hurt her worse than it did the children. She said that her least favorite part of the job was giving shots.
There have been times when I have had shots more recently, and many times the nurses seem to enjoy seeing me trying to keep my pants up when I have to pull down my underpants to clear the space for a shot to be given.
I remember that there was a young, blonde nurse who seemed disappointed that she didn't have to give me a shot.
When I had a colonoscopy, I remember the last thing I saw before I was knocked out was the nurse telling me that I would be asleep soon. There was the nice sight of her breast in my face. When I came out of the groggy  state, another nurse was very beautiful, cheerful, and asked me what I wanted to drink, and I remember that I asked for a cup of coffee. It was quite good coffee as well. That same nurse gave me a complement on how athletic my legs looked.
Whenever I give blood too, I marvel at the professionalism of the nurses. They do their jobs, but they are very caring about the patients in their care.
Let's be sure to be kind to the nurses and remember to smile and thank them the next time we are in their presence.
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Jan 12, 2013