My Ode To Oprah Winfrey


An ode to oprah... Why have bread when you can have a schadenfreude


The oprah effect, documented, a commercial tsunami

For those fortunate to get in this woman’s eye

Over forty million disciples a week

She gets for her shows, they follow like sheep


So if she likes some popcorn, or a certain sports bra

those company’s benefit greatly; product placement

their turnover increases vastly, going through the roof

websites crash, capitalism works, here’s the proof


But capitalism don’t care for the viewers of oprah

All it wants is their cash for sure, so they can

Climb that ladder of capitalism, just a little bit

The American dream is certainly alive and kicking


So when is Oprah going to decide enough is enough

And fight for her people, who have been raped

Bank balances, cars, homes, even their souls

These things difficult to spot when your so elevated


And have done well in this world of ours

Firewalls of assistants, electric fences are telltale signs

But material things mean nothing in real life, except

For the few, especially the 1% with all the financial might


The people need a champion, one that has done well

In this world of ours, one that commands respect

To focus the public’s mind, on the change that is required

Hope your not too aloof to care that humanity’s almost expired


So please Oprah, use your undoubted clout to sell Humanity

To the masses. The people who built and made your country great

But are now penniless, destitute, without a roof, emptied bank accounts too

You have these people on your show, you watch the news


Just ask yourself where has all the money gone, trillions upon

Trillions, siphoned off, taken from your people without guns

Chicago gangsters never had it so good

Some things never change, Obama shares their hood


So please Oprah, there is a battle that needs fighting

Capitalism v Humanity, without you, early battles lost already

And don’t worry if you get shot, get killed

You will definitely have a library named after you


Humanity is worth a sacrifice or two, I will take a bullet for you

Good beats evil always, of that I have no doubt

But you can save unnecessary suffering: be true

To your human nature, not to any biased media out


You’re the queen of TV, can do anything you want

Just how far would you push things to get a message out.

Peace and love are the only truths, anything else doesn’t ring true

But there’s no profit in peace; troops home please.


Stand for prez, peace, love, anti black ops ticket, sweep

All before you, blue, red, wall street, all that greed

The world needs change, you got lots of fans who

Trust what you say, you just cannot loose


Reclaim your country for your people again, just like its

Founders, who would be turning in graves

If they saw their country being turned inside out

And suckered into a false choice of change: No Doubt.


I’m sorry its down to you, but youv’e made your fair share

Now it’s payback time for sure, the people that put you there

Are in serious trouble, and they don’t have a clue, they need

Inspiration, a leader, real change not continued greed.


peace x




41-45, M
1 Response May 16, 2010

@ cocobutter<br />
" I read with interest .I can say I am not going to wear Pjs Oprah wears nor popcorn or vote for anyone because she believes in them.I do not get why people feel the need to do so "<br />
<br />
i think they do so because she has the trustiness when she says or tells something she never lies to people , she is bringing the truth to us ,and we believe her and trust her ..<br />
<br />
that is why they use things they are using , wear things she is wearing , its so simple ....