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I was adopted and I resent my dad for it. He adopted me to have a child before my uncle, he adopted me to get in the news paper and on tv, he adopted me to prove a point. Yes, growing up I got whatever I wanted, never got grounded cause he couldn't ground me cause he was never home. Hes a workaholic and is because he hates being home. Four years after he adopted me him and his girlfriend had a son so now he had two children to take care of. We were taken care of by our room mates, by a day care center, by our older foster brother and his friend or by our grandparents. I have to say I would give all of this up to have lived with my mom. I would have rather lived in a trailer park with a messed up woman then lived the "high" life because at least then I would be around people who understand where I come from and why I am the way I am.
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I think you have a truly heartbrakeing story, and i feel like that sadness may stay with you for the rest of your life, but i dont understand why you dont admire those who want to adopt for better reasons. There are people who want to adopt to make sure that kids have a home to be loved in. They want to take care of those kids, spend time with them and suggle them. <br />
If anything, i would hope that your stoy would make you want to adopt some day, so that you could be sure that you gave a child the chance to have what you wanted, and to be sure that a child gets to come home to someone who loves them.Who would know better then you how to take care of a broken hearted child?