Confidence. How do I gain it?
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listen to yourself and not others!

Comes in time and life experience

keep following your current path if you improve yourself it will come naturally - improve the body the mind follows I say just learn to start loving yourself and others will see it and let go of the past you are facing forward not looking back people are good and bad some will try to knock you down if you have friends like I did that are truly negative to the point of being soul destructive reconsider having them in your life follow your heart and set goals and reach them set new ones and always strive for something great - even think you are a champion you might not be but if you do not have confidence in yourself others see it fitness people walk tall and look ahead and are bold and direct - some people walk with heads bowed looking down looking unsure and sad and crippled by fears - choose to become a leader anyway this is some of what I have learned I was considered obese by BMI standards a few years ago so I have reached many goals and smashed them now I have the confidence of a driven person

You don't gain it, it's already there. You have to merely let go of your fears. :-)

That's one way of looking at it :) thanks

You're very welcome :-)