Pro-activity Or Poor Grammer

there was a girl on EP(i mean she might still be here),
we got friends, on our first chat, she seemed good towards me.

after hi and hello,
she said "you are pious"

i thought its our first chat, neither i have written some personal story that tells such about myself, then why she is considering me like that.

So i asked "why do you thinks so?"

i didn't get the answer, neither i was able to see her in meebo, i thought either she got disconnected or there is some problem with meebo, so i refreshed the page. The page that was open that time on which i was chatting with her was her profile page.

Then i got to know that she has blocked me. I was totally astonished.

Later when i thought, i got the clear idea of what really happened that day.

She wanted to ask me "Are you pious?"
but she neither used question mark, nor used helping verb(are) at first place in the sentence. and considered my question as answer to her question.
To her i was answering like that "i am not pious, but why do you ask/considers such things?"

The story was clear then, but i don't had chance to explain her the truth.

Call it poor grammar, misunderstanding or her pro-activity to block.
36-40, M
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LoL.Here comes the role of body gestures and tone of a speech which is impossible to gauge while writing.

Yes, its not possible while writing. So I got the lesson to be more careful while writing, I usually tries to read it before posting. Many times I am able to correct my mistakes, but mistakes still happens, I reads what I was willing to write, and not what has been written.

I cant simply stop laughing.
But anyway, she just lost the chance to hav a wonderful friend.

Agreed :-))

Thanks to both. :-))

Thank you dear. :)

Hahaha.. Thank you. :)

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