Goodbye, Sir, So Sorry to See You Leave.

Do you guys ever dream of having the perfect boss, the one who can forgive you when you lost an important document, saying that "These things happen."?

Or smiling when you guys made noise having a totally unprofessional moment, taking a picture outside of his office?

A boss who is polite and treats you like a human being and not his slave?

Well, I have that kind of boss. Well, not exactly mine since he's in Operation and I am in Training. But our place is just in front of his room and I believe my view of him is quite accurate.

He resigned yesterday (Feb 13). And I was sooo brokenhearted!

There was a big squabble in front of his office. This guy (whom I didn't like even before this episode) started coming after My Perfect Boss, Mr C., yelling things.

He accused Mr C of playing power games and that Mr C called him an *******. The first one was absolutely stupid since Mr C was his boss and there's just no point in playing power games in the first place.

The second one is even stupider since for the life of me I can't ever imagine Mr C doing that. If he tells you straight out that you did something wrong, I do believe it. But he doesn't call people names.

Anyway, the guy who was yelling was the nephew of the Director so you guys can figure out the background story, right?

What made me admired Mr C even more was the fact that he simply stood there waiting for the Nephew's tirade to be over and then said, "Get out of my room. I don't want to talk to you."

More tirade, "You're crazy! You called me an *******?" (Really, why can't people be more creative when they're angry?)

He repeated, "Get out of my room."

It is proven. When you yell back at a person having a tirade against you , you'll just look as stupid as s/he is. If you keep your calm, you'll rise above it.

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5 Responses Feb 14, 2009

A lot more work get done, a lot more laughter in the office, a lot more initiative... all a package when you are a good boss :)

I've been blessed with quite a few good bosses. Someone out there must've been praying a heck of a lot for me! :)

You are not alone. It seems like good bosses are far & few between. For the good bosses I have had, I would do what I could to help them as I know they would me.

Yep, the Boss earns my respect here, too! I'm affraid the best I coulda done would be to CALMLY tell the other guy he was an AZZ!!! lol

Hey, that's true. I haven't thought about it.<br />
<br />
Well, I guess I thought someone like Mr C would've gotten another job in a heartbeat.