There's a switch inside of some people that just doesn't flip that easily...the calm ones, I mean. Those of us that are Reactors, our switch is well oiled, works on remote control and maybe even is activated by static electricity! I am married to one of the calm...and I am constantly in awe at what little bothers him...this is both a ME TOO and a GOAL for me!

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it is one of the things i have to work on ... my emotions LOL

I LOVE calm people .. I struggle often : (

*someone, not "something" lol

*someone, not "something" lol

Haha I am usually a really calm person and a lot of things, big or small, don't phase me at all. But once in a long while, something will trigger me and I just get furious haha. It's usually if something's done something wrong to a friend or insulted my character. That's something I need to work on too.<br />
<br />
Good luck!

It's more difficult for us Reactors as you say :) but more admirable if you can stay calm even as you boil inside. You go girl!

I've been told I'm the same way your husband is in times of crisis.<br />
It's as if we naturally thrive on keeping cool. I used to tell people "we're not doing brain surgery on someone, relax".<br />
Maybe in reality it's that we're so scared ourselves we become calm in our appearance to hide the fear???