It's another picture-quote quote-picture, but those are the best! Maybe one day I should go over each of my stories and add an actual, you know, story...

Arguably though there's not much of a story you can write about this experience - either you do or you don't, and I'd wager most people would say they do. You could write a story about "I Helped Others", but then that'd be kinda self-serving - still an experience.
Actually helping others, or at least trying to help them within your means, is certainly a good reference of character though. But I guess there would actually be too much to write about that for one story - theories about WHY we help others, thoughts on HOW we can do it, ponderings on whether "admiring" actually makes the slightest bit of difference, and musings on who only really care if that helping could be directed towards themselves. So I guess I better leave it at that picture quote...
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I tend to be concerned about the people who consistently help others, but never help themselves. What makes them that way? Do they believe that they aren't worthy? Those are the people I help.