I honestly don't believe all religious teaching are brainwashing and i actually agree with some.
Yet i dislike teachings that are harmful or silly like believing in Noah's ark. Or things considered good but end up being bad and it's clear its bad. that kinda stuff i'm proud people over come i'm happy they learned it's all right and to live a life believing what they wish yet without being forced to believe it because of a book.
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Organized religion has caused massive war and violence throughout history. The religions are all devised by humans and attempt to explain some of what we humans cannot. Since they are run by humans they all attempt to control people and force them to follow their doctrines. Some of the concepts of some of them are good but the lack of tolerance and vicious enforcement of their doctrines is abhorrent. I do believe in a higher power but not any organized religion.

It's sexist. Where are the women gods.